About Pure MeatSnax


Leonard Greene - MeatSnax


Pure MeatSnax are natural dog treats that have been specially formulated to target specific common health issues in dogs. Based on the belief that good health starts from the inside out in what we feed our beloved pets, Pure MeatSnax are designed to bring nutritional benefit to help dogs be happier and healthier. All of our ingredients have been selected with the criteria that “each must bring a beneficial function to the dog”, so you will never find grain or starch fillers of any kind; and naturally we don’t and won’t use artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or glycerin.

Created in Westmeath in the heart of Ireland using purpose built equipment designed to preserve treats naturally, Pure MeatSnax uses high quality locally sourced grass-fed Irish beef as well as hand harvested mineral rich seaweed from the famous Wild Atlantic Waters. Our herbs are sourced from around the world for their many and varied health properties.

Our treats have a pleasant aroma, you can really smell the botanics, the dogs with their very keen noses just love the real meat smell and taste, and they know it’s the real deal, full of meat and botanical goodness, and packed friendly for our environment in our new 100% recyclable packs.

We are a small company who are happy to work with dog trainers, vets, pet and grooming boutiques and health stores who wish to stock our health treat range. In an age where pet parents want more ingredient transparency, more locally made food of high quality standards, sustainably packaged, we tick all the boxes, by purchasing direct customers can generate a generous margin and provide a super healthy functional treat, with small minimum order quantities and low shipping charges.

We are export approved and service all countries within Europe; product labels are available in all languages, with supporting graphics and product information available.

Our research work continues in conjunction with Teagasc, we look forward to its next phase completion and making the results known.

In tribute to the dog, that’s why we do what we do.

Leonard Greene

Founder and crafter of Pure MeatSnax.