Whats in Meatsnax

Meatsnax is made from real meat, locally sourced from a Department of Agriculture licensed meat factory producing meat for human consumption, we don't and won't add any form of artificial ingredients, we add only beneficial natural ingredients, herbs seaweeds and active ingredients. We dry Meatsnax at low temperatures preserving and locking in the natural vitamins and minerals, dog’s with their wonderful sense of smell know that its packed with goodness, even to us humans it smells good, its excellent for training and rewarding, designed to snap into bit sized pieces or if extra special a full one! Dogs around Ireland have shown delight to our new beneficial treats, and now we are exporting Meatsnax around Europe. We are absolutely against using any form of grain or starch fillers, artificial colours flavours or preservative ingredients of any kind. It’s been a four year project so far… we’re small, we like small… 

How Meatsnax is made

First and foremost, to make one of the worlds finest dog treats, you need to start with the best ingredients, that’s only natural. All our meat and fish is of Irish origin, our beef and lamb is grass-fed from our local abattoir. It’s made with great care in small batches on our unique self-made production line;

We start by mincing the fresh meat and or fish then mixing in all the herbs seaweeds oils and active ingredients, following each specific recipe, after filling we hang them for drying at low temperature, a traditional and natural way to preserve many foods, after drying Meatsnax is hand selected before final preparation and packing. Each batch is tested in our local laboratory before dispatch. We are licensed by the Irish Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Food and hold an EU export licence.

Our philosophy is to keep things simple, looking to traditional methods and Mother Nature for inspiration and wisdom.