Original Irish Beef & Seaweeds

It takes 33g or 1.1oz of fresh meat to make 1 MEATSNAX stick!

Benefits of MeatSnax

Original & Seaweed was the very first treat we crafted; we wanted to create a treat that was healthy and free from all artificial ingredients, grains, and fillers for your dog. We use only fresh local grass-fed Irish beef, with hand-harvested Irish seaweed, beneficial in the gut system where through its prebiotics can support good gut flora, together, with our collagen skin that is an important protein in a dogs diet, to help strengthen the elasticity of their hair, bones, nails, and teeth, collagen is also important for ongoing joint health. The fact that we use only fresh meat in the making of this treat insures that your dog is not only getting digestible protein goodness but also a truly bursting with flavour and aroma treat that will awaken his or her senses, something you will see at treat times! 

It’s something special.

Ingredients; Fresh beef, Irish seaweed, beef collagen. Our meat is locally sourced Irish grass-fed beef 73% min, from animals for human consumption, with hand-harvested organic seaweeds rockweed and carrageenan moss, from pristine Irish Atlantic waters in the west of Ireland, in a superfood and beneficial collagen skin.  We have selected ingredients that bring wholesome benefit to the dog, we don’t and won’t use artificial ingredients of any kind, Mother Nature knows best.

7 x 12.8g pieces, 90g per 100% compostable and resealable pouch.

Typical Product Analysis

Crude Protein      58.1%
Crude Oil/Fat        12.6%
Crude Fibre              1.0%
Ash                                6.7%
Moisture (max)         15%
Energy Kcal/100g  599

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