Dental+ New 100% Compostable pack

It takes 33g or 1.1oz of fresh meat to make 1 MEATSNAX stick!

Benefits of DENTAL+

Our research into the many and varied botanical properties has resulted in this formula. DENTAL+ supports good oral hygiene in your dog’s mouth, helping to protect teeth and gums against plaque-causing bacteria and also in the gut system where through its prebiotics can support good gut flora together with tonic herbs supporting the blood, skin, coat and vital organs for a healthy active dog. The fact that we use only fresh meat in the making of this treat insures that your dog is not only getting digestible protein goodness but also a truly bursting with flavour and aroma treat that will awaken his or her senses, something you will see at treat times!

It’s something special.

Ingredients; Irish grass-fed beef 71% min, Irish green, brown & red organic seaweeds, milk thistle, ginger, dandelion, nettle, fenugreek, oregano, yucca, rosemary, thyme, fennel, turmeric and black pepper in a beef collagen skin.  We have selected ingredients that bring wholesome benefit to the dog, we don’t and won’t use artificial ingredients of any kind, Mother Nature knows best.

7 x 12.8g pieces, 90g per 100% compostable and resealable pouch.

Typical Product Analysis

Crude Protein      49.9%
Crude Oil/Fat         8.9%
Crude Fibre              3.4%
Ash                                  7.3%
Moisture (max)       15%
Energy Kcal/100g  449

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